UFO spotted in Welwyn on Christmas Day

A UFO was spotted in the skies over Times Territory on Christmas Day.

Christian Joseph was visiting family in Welwyn when he clocked a strange orange light at around 5.30pm.

He said: “I noticed what I thought was a firework/rocket shoot up into the sky from the direction of Lockleys Farm, in a right-to-left arc.

“It glowed a brilliant intense orange colour, and didn’t really look like any rocket I’d ever seen before.

“I waited for it to explode, but instead it just reached a plateau and hung in the air for about a minute.”

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He continued: “I called my dad out to see.

“By then, it had receeded (sic) somewhat into the distance, but he still managed to see it, and he thought the bright orange colour was odd to say the least.

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“It was certainly unlike any aircraft I or my father had seen before.

“After gradually reducing in brightness, it disappeared completely.”

He added: “I’ve since wondered if it could’ve been a Chinese lantern, but the way it accelerated up in a rocket-like arc makes me think not.”

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