Tweet Beardyman song titles at Forum concert in Hatfield

FORMER UK beatbox champion Beardyman is asking for fans to send him song suggestions via Twitter when he plays the Forum in Hatfield on Friday evening.

WHEN you’ve got a moment, type “Elephant Dung Pizza” into Google.

Have you done it? Look at the results. About 141,000. Remarkable.

You can play this seemingly endless word-association game on the world’s biggest search engine all day, and the chances are that someone, somewhere, has already had the same idea and even bothered to stick it online.

The world wide web’s limitless resources of the bizarre and surreal is a theme being explored by Brighton beatbox wizard Beardyman, as he sets off on a new tour which includes a visit to Hatfield on Friday.

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Promising to be a sound and visual extravaganza, Beardyman (aka 28-year-old Darren Foreman) is inviting fans to Tweet suggestions for song titles to him and he will try to include them in his show.

Meanwhile, a backstage hand will search the song title over the internet and create a live visual display out of whatever the computer throws up.

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So, he explains, call a song Elephant Pizza Dung and there will probably be an accompanying concept online.

“I bet you there’s loads of results,” he says. Straight after our interview I go and look. Strange but true.

Improvisation and a spontaneity is, essentially, what Beardyman is all about.

A twice UK Beatbox champion, he got bored of simply using his mouth as an instrument and started experimenting with live-looping – sampling his own voice to create layers of sound over beats that pop into his head.

The effect is breathtaking, and made more special by the fact that it is mostly unrehearsed and of the moment, and is what sets Beardyman out as a unique live performer.

But there again is the problem – how do you transfer that live energy into a studio album?

Whatever the secret, he seems to have done it with debut release I Done A Album.

“I wanted to do something which sounded better than I can achieve live,” he says.

“I haven’t captured the sound, but I’ve captured the vibe.”

But if you’re heading to the University of Hertfordshire’s Forum to see the man perform his new record, you’re going to be disappointed.

“Why should I play the album I’ve just recorded? Who wants to hear that live?,” he asks.

“I’m going to be making an album for every show on this tour.”

Yep, that’s right – anyone who goes to a gig on this tour will be part of a new album every night – and will be able to get a free copy too.

“I’m really excited,” he says. “No one’s ever tried anything like this before.”

You can be part of the experience by tweeting your ideas to @beardyman

Try and think of something more original than Elephant Dung Pizza though.

That, it would seem, has already been taken.

* Tickets for the show cost �10. Doors open at 6.30pm.

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