Trouble down at Potters Bar McDonald’s

ANTI-SOCIAL behaviour outside a fast food restaurant in Potters Bar has been significantly reduced, police have said.

In the past, McDonald’s restaurant in Darkes Lane had become something of a trouble spot, with some young people seen drinking, smoking cannabis, or generally using the restaurant as a hang out without paying for food.

But now, those youths have either been banned from the restaurant or handed behaviour contracts, Parkfield ward officer Pc Graham Hiscock told the Potters Bar Edition.

“I think this time last year, and in previous years, it’s been quite bad down there,” Pc Hiscock said.

“There seemed to be quite a lot of local young people and people from outside coming in from the train station causing problems.

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“We’ve been able to reduce the problem by working with the British Transport Police, liaising with Mc-Donalds staff and just going in for a coffee.

“Just by being around we’ve been able to serve banning orders to any kids causing problems, and we’ve got two people on behaviour contracts.

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“We’ve also got CCTV there now, and any people who were causing issues seem to have decided to stop.

Pc Hiscock added: “It’s been a gradual process. We’re trying to take the approach that we’re only as good as the last day.”

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