Yellow lines to solve ‘major issue’ on Hatfield road?

DOUBLE yellow lines are being painted on a Hatfield road today (Thursday) in a bid to cure “major” parking woes.

The new restrictions are being introduced on Bishops Rise following complaints from residents, businesses and bus companies that inconsiderate parking was making the road difficult to drive down.

As reported by the WHT, on several occasions traffic had been totally blocked.

Stuart Pile, Hertfordshire County Council’s executive member for highways and transport, said: “Parking problems on Bishops Rise have become a major issue for local residents and I would like to thank everyone who has been involved in finding a solution, including local councillors, Hertfordshire Highways, Welwyn Hatfield Council, the police and University of Hertfordshire.

“However, we are aware that new restrictions can sometimes cause parking problems to spread to other areas, so officers from Hertfordshire Highways will monitor the new restrictions for six months to see what impact they have on the surrounding area. After that, modifications can be made if required before the restrictions become permanent.”

Welwyn Hatfield councillor Roger Trigg, executive member for parking has been involved in resolving the problem.

He added: “I am pleased that a solution has been achieved and the finances agreed for the county council to put in yellow lines. If there is displacement parking as a result of the restrictions, we will again look at the concerns in the area with our partners.”

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The restrictions will be enforced by the borough council and the police.