Wormeries installed at First Capital Connect stations

FIRST Capital Connect has introduced wormeries across its rail network, to allow travellers to dispose of food waste.

The clean and odourless wormeries are being trialled at 10 stations, including Hatfield and Potters Bar.

Food waste left in the containers are consumed by the worms and turned into a bio-rich, high quality compost and concentrated liquid feed.

The fertiliser will then feed plants and trees at the stations.

Head of customer services Keith Jipps said: “As much as one third of the contents of the average dustbin could be turned into compost. This third is made up of largely food and other organic waste.

“A lot of this waste is left at our stations and we believe a wormery to be an ideal and environmentally friendly solution for the disposal of this waste.”

The other stations selected for the trial are: Bedford Flitwick, Harlington, Luton, Luton Airport Parkway, Huntingdon, Letchworth and Hitchin.