What roads and wards will be affected by new parking permit scheme?

Stanborough Green, WGC

Stanborough Green is one of the roads impacted by the parking proposals. - Credit: Archant

New parking restrictions in Welwyn Garden City and Hatfield have been delayed, but what areas will be affected after councillors also unanimously voted to approve a new permit scheme in both towns?

The list of the wards and roads affected by the approved proposals are as follows:

Ellenbrook, Hatfield

Parking permit areas will be created as:

Zone B23

Ashbury Close will have a new permit scheme as Zone B23, which will operate between Monday to Sunday 7am to 9pm.

Zone B24

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This zone will be in operation Monday to Friday 10am to 4pm and affect 323-357 St Albans Road West, Selwyn Avenue, Selwyn Drive and Selwyn Crescent

Zone B25

Zone in operation Monday to Friday 10am to 4pm and affect Poplars Close, Poplar Avenue, Bramble Road and 359-403 St Albans Road West, although off-road parking and drives aren’t affected.

Handside, Welwyn Garden City

This area, referred to as Handside 4, was the last part of the ward to introduce new parking restrictions in September 2021.

Council monitored the measures and have received a number of proposed changes which have now been approved.


Marsden Green asked to be consulted again in August 2021 on if they now wanted to be a part of a resident permit parking scheme.

Marsden Close voted in favour of permit parking, but asked to be in a newly created permit scheme, which has now been propose to be operational between Monday and Saturday from 8-6pm.

Double yellow line protection afforded to the turn-around area to prevent obstruction by school traffic.

A further request for Marsden Green to be consulted again in January 2022 has been refused.

Brockett Close

Residents requested a section of the verge protection order be removed, and have since requested the removal of a section of yellow lines from the northwest kerbline in the wider section of the access road. The yellow lines on the opposite side of the road will remain in place.

Stanborough Green

Officer and resident requests to install yellow line restrictions in the off-street parking areas to prevent obstruction and to allow access to individual garages.

Guessens Court

Yellow line waiting restrictions proposed for the entrances to the off-street parking areas, improving access to these locations.

Lemsford Lane

Proposal to extend the boundary of Zone A13 for a short distance to provide more parking space in what remains a heavily parked area.

Stanborough Road

Proposals to include an additional section of Stanborough Road in the existing verge protection order to prevent a high level of off-street parking during busy periods at Stanborough Lakes.