Waiting restrictions planned for “dangerous” Welwyn Garden City commercial road

A “DANGEROUS” commercial road, which has seen increased parking with the development of an NHS building, could see waiting restrictions introduced.

Tewin Road, which is home to many firms on its side-roads, has become an “accident waiting to happen” with businessmen claiming the road had almost become unusable as motorists parked up their vehicles alongside one side of the road.

A worker at one firm told the WHT problems arose when the Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust, which came into being in November, started using a building on the road.

“We started to notice their car park overfilling and since then people coming down to use it have been forced on to the road.”

He added: “It’s really very scary pulling out onto the road now, we’ve already seen a few minor accidents, how long is it before something serious happens?”

Steve Calvert, at Hall Grove Garage, in Tewin Court, added: “Sooner or later there will be a head-on crash.

“It’s becoming extremely dangerous for us.

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“We have to pull out on to Tewin Road to test our cars, but you’re coming out blind every time. You have to get halfway into the road and just take a chance, it’s becoming a joke.

“People drive so fast down the road there because they think it’s clear as well.”

Gerry Howley, of Brillianz Electronics, added he was “almost putting his employees at risk” by making them use the road.

Ben Andrews, at Hawk Print, felt the road was not only unsafe but it was also taking five or 10 minutes to drive down during the rush hour.

A Herts Highways spokeswoman said concerns had been raised over the past three to four months and following an assessment a waiting restriction scheme would be introduced during the 2011/12 financial year if funding went through.

The Traffic Regulation Order would include an informal consultation with local stakeholders, followed by formal advertising and sealing of the order. The restrictions could be in place within six to nine months.

A spokesman for Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust said: “Although cars actually parked in Tewin Road belong to people connected to a number of office sites in the road, we do recognise there has been a steep rise in the number of NHS personnel parking in the road since our trust established its HQ.

“The majority of these cars are parked for short periods while staff from around Hertfordshire attend meetings. The 50 or so parking places on our office site are mainly for staff working full time at the HQ.”

He added if parking restrictions were put in place, the trust would have to review its position around carrying out business at its base.