Metroline confirms last day of 84 bus

Metroline red 84 bus on Station Road, New Barnet at the junction with Warwick Road, Hertfordshire

"This route is no longer sustainable." - Credit: Ingy The Wingy via Creative Commons

Bus company Metroline has confirmed when its 84 route, which runs from St Albans to New Barnet, will officially stop running. 

Metroline told a customer of its 84 service: "We can assure you that this was not a decision taken lightly as we are well aware of the route’s history, and the effect it will have on our customers who regularly use the service, along with our employees.

"Internally we reviewed all the various scenarios to try and find a viable solution to maintain the service in some form.

"Unfortunately, COVID-19 has had a detrimental effect on our passenger numbers and additionally, all other costs associated with operating bus services has increased. Therefore with funding unavailable anywhere near the level required, this route is no longer sustainable.

"Discussions have started between Hertfordshire County Council and other bus operators in the area with a view to securing replacement facilities along the 84 route. Once this has been agreed, there will be a joint statement made."

The 84's last day in operation will be April 1, 2022.

Potters Bar local Simon Tshulak set up a petition to oppose the measures.