Sparks fly in Hatfield clamping row

A MYSTERY duo took matters into their own hands after car parking attendants struck outside a school this week.

The pair were passing by Howe Dell School in Hatfield last Thursday afternoon, where more than a dozen cars belonging to mums picking up their children were clamped right in front of their eyes.

Around 10 angry parents had to cough up �120 to Parking Control Management (PCM) to get the clamps removed.

But one mum was more lucky.

Armed with an angle-grinder, two men removed the clamp themselves amid a flurry of sparks.

But the gesture did nothing to appease others, who called the Welwyn Hatfield Times to complain about the clamping.

The problem arose after new posters suddenly appeared stating non-permit parking was only allowed on Salisbury Hall Drive, Dragon Road and The Runway at limited times on weekdays.

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Parents were never informed of the change, nor saw the posters.

For more reaction to this story, see this week’s Welwyn Hatfield Times, out now.