Should Hatfield’s ‘white elephant’ bus station be changed to retail space?

Jane Quinton inside Hatfield bus station opposite The Galleria.

Jane Quinton inside Hatfield bus station opposite The Galleria. - Credit: Archant

A neglected bus station in Hatfield should be transformed into something useful, according to a disgruntled resident.

Hatfield’s bus station opposite The Galleria is rarely used after the county council cut several routes – leading to calls for it to be renovated.

Lemsford resident Jane Quinton, who is running to be county councillor in the upcoming elections, claimed residents should at least have the opportunity to say how it should be used.

“There were never many buses going there when it was built, it wasn’t well thought-out in the first place,” she added.

“But now there is nothing going through it, it should be turned in to a useful space.”

Welwyn Hatfield councillor Helen Quenet told the WHT: “When we are short of space it doesn’t make much sense to have somewhere that’s ripe for vandalism.

“It’s a white elephant, and hasn’t been used much all along.

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“It’s something that is so central. Surely there could be a creative plan to use the space and convert it for retail or living.

“There must be a good use for that space.”

The bus station was built by (WAITING) (WHEN), and is owned by Hertfordshire County Council.

A county council spokesman said: “We are aware that no buses have been using this facility since the end of March, following changes to local bus routes throughout Hatfield.

“If the bus station remains unused we will look at future options for use of the site, within the existing lease conditions that exist between the county council and the landlord.”