Residents’ anger over X-shaped speed humps

ANGRY motorists have clashed with a residents’ association over controversial x-shaped speed bumps that drivers say are wreaking havoc on their cars.

Residents living on or nearby The Avenue, a privately-owned road in Welwyn, met representatives from the Avenue Road Association, which commissioned the bizarre-looking traffic calming measures along a section of the road late last year.

Tempers flared underneath the A1(M) bridge as residents, led by Fiona Pruden of nearby Willow Walk, demanded the removal of the humps, which they claim not only scrape the underside of cars, but prevent emergency vehicles from getting to the top of the road.

And there were calls for a public meeting to be held to discuss alternative traffic calming measures.

“I can’t get my car out of the road without grating the bottom,” Mrs Pruden said.

“All we want is an open meeting to discuss what can be done.”

A resident of The Avenue said: “They did it without consulting all the residents in The Avenue. They should have asked everyone.

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“It’s a complete and utter nuisance.”

Another neighbour added: “Nobody’s got a problem with traffic calming measures, but this is just excessive.”

And after residents held a noisy protest, where they encouraged people driving over the humps to honk their horns if they disapproved of them, the Avenue Road Association has agreed to a meeting to discuss alternatives.

A spokesman for the association said: “The reason we did this is because some people are driving dangerously on the road.

“We’re looking at alternative measures that will satisfy everybody.”

A date for the meeting has yet to be finalised.