Motorists left ‘up-the-junction’ in Welwyn Garden City

BLUNDERING council workmen left motorists baffled after marking a new junction on the wrong roads.

The slip-up came to light on June 16 when resident Chris Currie saw Ascots Lane in WGC had been resurfaced – but new give way markings had instead been painted on the junction of Boundary Lane and Hollybush Lane.

To make matters worse, the new junction had appeared without any signs to warn motorists of the changes.

Chris, of Boundary Lane, told the Welwyn Hatfield Times he was mystified as to how the inaccuracy had occurred.

“No signs were displayed at all,” she said.

“There could have been an accident as people who are driving down Boundary Lane think they have got right of way.”

She added: “I phoned Herts Highways and finally they came down on Monday, June 21, to sort it out.

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“It must have been a mistake; someone had done something they should not have done.

“Thankfully it has now been put right.”

A spokeswoman for Herts Highways told the Wewlyn Hatfield Times workers had marked the junction on the wrong road.

She said: “These roads have recently been resurfaced and give way markings were incorrectly replaced, which we’ve now corrected.”