More woe for rush hour commuters as First Capital Connect keeps emergency timetable

COMMUTERS will face further disruption on their way to work tomorrow morning (Monday) after rail operator First Capital Connect announced it would continue to run to an emergency timetable.

Sub-zero temperatures have caused havoc over the past few days, and the Great Northern route will again be affected.

A spokesman for FCC said: “Although we have a full winter preparedness plan in place, it has been extremely difficult to manage the recent abnormal, sustained low temperatures.

“There have been many failures associated with the railway and we are still suffering the repercussions of these. This continues to have a severe impact on our service for which we sincerely apologise.

The emergency timetable for the Great Northern route offers:

* Two trains per hour to/from Peterborough (with up to four trains per hour in the peaks)

* Two trains per hour to/from Cambridge (with up to 4 trains per hour in the peaks)

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* One train per hour to/from King’s Lynn terminating/starting at Royston

* Two trains per hour from WGC to Moorgate

* Two trains per hour from Stevenage to Moorgate via Hertford North

The spokesman added: “Please accept our apologies. Engineers for First Capital Connect and Network Rail are working hard to deliver the best service possible under what are very challenging circumstances.”

Affected stations in Times Territory are Knebworth, Welwyn North, WGC, Hatfield, Welham Green, Brookmans Park, Potters Bar, Watton-at-Stone and Cuffley.