New Welwyn Garden City cycling improvements to be simulated

Hunters Bridge cycling

An artist impression of the new cycling lanes at Hunters Bridge. - Credit: Herts County Council

A new road layout aimed at improving cycling routes to and from Welwyn Garden City town centre is being trialled this month.

A one-week trial by Herts County Council will began on Monday at the roundabout between Hunters Bridge and Osborn Way in order to mimic the proposed permanent change on the town centre roundabout.

If the plans go ahead, a new two-way cycle lane would be installed on the station side of Hunters Bridge, extending around the roundabout to a new crossing facility for pedestrian and cyclists across Osborn Way, replace the existing signalised crossing.

During the trial a small section of the roundabout will be coned off between the pedestrian crossings on Hunters Bridge and Osborn Way to simulate the new cycle lane.

A temporary crossing over Osborn Way will also be in operation mimicking the signal timings of a new crossing, while all approaches to the roundabout will be open to traffic as normal.

Data will be collected both before and during the trial to measure speed and traffic volume levels as well as queue lengths.

If the trial is successful and a bid for funding from the Department for Transport’s Active Travel Fund is supported, the plans will move forward.

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The trial comes after Herts County Council consulted on a scheme to provide permanent cycling lanes between the existing route from the Broadwater Road and Bessemer Road junction to the town centre, which was supported by 68 per of respondents.

“Following the public consultation that took place last year, a commitment was made to progress with the design of the Hunters Bridge scheme,” said Phil Bibby, cabinet member for highways and transport at the council.

“I’m pleased that the next phase of this project is now ready to be implemented.

“Our aim is to offer all residents a cleaner, greener, healthier Hertfordshire.

“By increasing access to walking and cycling initiatives, we'll help to improve health, air quality, road safety and reduce traffic congestion.”

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