Hertfordshire road blunder

BUMBLING highways staff misspelling or messing up road signs and warnings are often highlighted in the national press.

Well here at the Welwyn Hatfield Times this week we have our very own error, which we think is good enough to compete with the best of them.

This back-to-front ‘N’, painted by Herts Highways, was spotted in Hertfordshire by postman Tony Stickland.

The Royal Mail worker was on his round in Hertford Road, Digswell, when he caught a glimpse of the gaffe in a traffic calming area.

A swift email was sent to Times Towers and passed on to an apologetic Herts County Council, who said they will now put an ‘end’ to the issue, “as soon as possible”.

A spokeswoman said: “Unfortunately, this kind of thing can happen very occasionally.”