Hatfield gets Google Street View

GOOGLE Street View has arrived in Hatfield enabling internet users to interactively walk through the residential streets of Hatfield.

The mapping system, first introduced in the United States in May 2007, enables webbers to see 360 degree detailed images of the area from street level.

To deal with privacy issues Google has removed certain photos. It also allows users to flag sensitive imagery for the site to review and remove, as well as automatically blurring faces and car number plates.

But more needs to done according to Gary Fenton, who launched the Online Watch Link (OWL) in 2006 – an advanced online Neighbourhood Watch scheme in Welwyn Hatfield.

The Woolmer Green man said although the tool was excellent for directions, it could potentially be dangerous as he feels it allows burglars to “study” homes unnoticed.

A Google spokeswoman denied claims saying they took privacy very seriously and the (not in real time) images are no different from what people can see when walking down the street.

Many roads have been caught in Hatfield to see the coverage visit the link on the right and drag the orange man in the left corner on to the map.

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