Google moves to a Street near you

MAPPING system Google Street View, which enables internet users to interactively walk through towns, has widened its scope to cover the majority of Times Territory.

The technology, which shows 360 degree images of each road from street level arrived in Hatfield and Potters Bar last month.

On Thursday, Google expanded its range an extra 238,000 miles to cover the majority of the UK – enabling users to travel down almost every road in the area.

To help with privacy issues, Google has removed certain photos. It also allows users to flag sensitive imagery for the site to review and remove, as well as automatically blurring faces and car number plates.

But WGC resident Clair Colgan who was captured near B&Q, on Bridge Road East, said she had no problem with having her picture taken.

The Knella Road woman was in her silver Fiat Punto at the point when the car was going through the town.

“I saw the camera and looked at it. I have no problem with it really, I was quite excited by it all, I guess you could say I am a mini celebrity now. I think only I can tell it’s me though.”

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