Flooding expected as snow melts across Hertfordshire

FLOODS are expected to hit Hertfordshire over the next few days, as the snow that has caused chaos across the country finally begins to melt.

Hertfordshire County Council has issued yet another weather warning, with day time temperatures expected to rise and thaw the snow, leading to flooding in some areas.

Yet the problems don’t end there, as the mercury is still expected to drop below zero at night and freeze excess water on roads and pavements across the county.

County councillor Stuart Pile, executive member for highways and transport, said: “A combination of rain and a slight rise in temperatures during the day means that we’re starting to see a thaw. However, we’re not out of the woods yet. We’re concerned that low temperatures overnight will lead to exceptionally icy conditions on roads and pavements.

“Road and pavement conditions in the next few days are likely to be hazardous, with localised flooding creating more problems.”

It all amounts to one big headache for the county council and Hertfordshire Highways, already struggling with the need to constantly grit roads tempered by the national problem of diminishing salt supplies.

Cllr Pile conceded: “The forecast combined with the national salt situation means that we’re all dealing with exceptionally difficult conditions.

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“We’ll continue our salting runs over the weekend and will try to time these carefully so that salt doesn’t get washed away by the rain yet is on the roads before temperatures drop too far.”

Hertfordshire Highways received a delivery of salt yesterday (Wednesday), which is expected to last into next week.