First Capital Connect’s �63,000 anti-glare ticket machines

EVER tried to buy a rail ticket from a vending machine only to find it virtually impossible to see what you’re doing because of the sunlight reflecting off the screen?

You’re not alone – for the experience has generated plenty of complaints to First Capital Connect (FCC).

And the rail operator has now acted to tackle this prevalent customer concern by installing anti-glare screens on 36 of its ticket vending machines.

The screens, which cost �63,000 to be installed, are located at 26 of FCC’s stations, which had been prioritised by the highest number of complaints received.

Stations include Hatfield, Knebworth, Watton-at-Stone, Welham Green and Cuffley.

Keith Jipps, FCC’s head of customer services, said the screens cancelled out the glare from the sun and made it easier and clearer when purchasing tickets.

He said: “This has been a major concern for our customer and we are really pleased with the new anti-glare screens.

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“We trialled them at a few key stations for a couple of weeks and the customer feedback was very positive.”