Famous Cadillacs and vintage bikes at Potters Bar Rotary Club show

Bikes at the Rotary Club car and bike show

Bikes at the Rotary Club car and bike show - Credit: Archant

The Rotary Club of Potters Bar raised around £2,500 for charity at its annual car and bike show.

The event, which was held on Sunday, August 21 at Elm Court, featured nearly one hundred cars and bikes dating as far back as the 1920s, including a white Cadillac which once belonged to Rat Pack legend Sammy Davis Jr.

Kathie Crowe, president of the Rotary Club, said: “The chap who brought it is an enthusiast.

“He’s got a few Cadillacs. It was absolutely pristine.

“We started organising it nearly a year before, we got the date and then prayed for good weather so we were lucky on the day.

“It was an absolutely grand day.There were cars from the 1920s. A few broke down on the way here and they had to push them.

“It just spans the eras of all the different cars.”

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On the day there was also a hog roast, a bouncy castle, a beer tent and afternoon tea.

Local band Shades of Midnight, which includes John Powell who runs a carpet shop in Potters Bar, performed music from the 60s and 70s.

Kathie said: “They got together in the sixties and they all got back together.

“Earlier that day John got electrocuted but he just carried on.

“We had the mods and rockers there was the music that goes with it which is terrific.”

Kathie estimated that around 1,000 people showed up on the day.

The money from the show is still coming in, and all proceeds will go to local community and international charities.