Dangerous Welwyn Garden City roundabout stops children going to school

WORRIED parents say their children are missing school because the bus stop they used is positioned on a dangerous roundabout.

The bus stop is on the side of Holwell Roundabout on the A414 between Hatfield and Welwyn Garden city.

There is no pavement on for bus users to stand on, just a patch of grass and mud on a verge on the edge of the road side.

Children, teenagers and the elderly regularly use the 341 bus to get to and from town for school, college and to get to the shops.

A spokesperson for Centre bus, who provide the 341 bus, said that their driver had agreed it was quite a dangerous bus stop.

Bridget Gill, who helps out at the Holwell Caravan park once a week says that some parents won’t let their children use the bus stop because it is too dangerous.

Ms Gill, who has been trying to get the bus stop moved since May, said: “Who in their wildest dreams would imagine that that is a safe place for a bus stop?

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“It’s very difficult to cross the road, are the council waiting for someone to be knocked down before they do something?”

“The have said they can put a concrete slab there, but I don’t know how that will help.

“I find what the council are saying quite outrageous.”

Ms Gill also said that the reason the bus stop has not been moved is because the council say that there is no where safer for the bus to pull over.

When they WHTimes went to investigate the matter we found a lay-by 200 yards from the roundabout where cars are allowed to park.

Although it wouldn’t alter the fact that people have to cross the roundabout, at least they would have somewhere safe to stand if the bus stop were moved to this space.

A spokesperson from Hertfordshire County Council said: “The position of the roundabout is unusual but it is preferable to be on the roundabout than further back down Holwell Lane where the verge is thinner.

“The stop has been situated on the roundabout for many years and there has only been one accident there in 2009, which was nothing to do with the bus stop.

“The dangerous perception of the roundabout does not match the reality, and this is backed up by the statistics.”

The council also admitted the stop needed some maintenance and said they will soon be cutting back the foliage on the roundabout to make a wider area for people to stand on.