Commuter vigilance praised after ‘terrorist alert’ on First Capital Connect train

A WOMAN “clutching a rucksack and praying over and over” led worried train passengers to raise the alarm, fearing a potential terrorist attack.

Fortunately the incident this morning (Tuesday) was a false alarm, but rail operator First Capital Connect (FCC) has praised commuters for their vigilance.

The woman was on a London-bound service, which passed through Welwyn Hatfield at around 9am this morning.

She was met at London King’s Cross by FCC staff and British Transport Police officers, but no further action was taken.

A spokesman for FCC told the Welwyn Hatfield Times: “It was a false alarm and there was nothing to it.

“We take any reports very seriously and it’s a sign of the heightened awareness at the moment.

“It’s a good thing people are on the ball.”

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Hatfield commuter Jonathan Morris, who was on board the train, spoke about the incident on Twitter.

He tweeted FCC to say: “passenger reported a lady clutching a rucksack and praying over and over... Staff did look but dispatched and called BTP @ KGX.”

After saying he felt FCC staff seemed unsure what to do, he added: “I am sure it was a false alarm but it could have been handled better.”