Clamping changes near Hatfield school

CLAMPING measures near a school have been revamped.

The new rules, covering the former aerodrome area of Hatfield, will mean any cars parked on pavements, landscaped areas or on drop down kerbs will be immobilised.

The regulations, which come in on Monday, October 4, will also see the introduction of a colour-coded scheme for residents and will also see cars clamped if new ‘Oct 2010’ permits are not displayed. The parking warrants should be delivered to residents by Monday.

Its introduction is subsequent to a survey developed by borough councillor Lynne Sparks and the de Havilland Residents Association. Cllr Sparks, who represents the Hatfield Villages ward, told the WHT: “Over the last few years we’ve had complaints about people parking illegally on the grass verges etc.

“So we did this survey and this was decided the best option.”

Residents association chairman Peter Ball told fellow members: “New signs will go up and all affected households will be visited and their new permits will be allocated.“

But Howe Dell School head-teacher Debra Massey believes more still needs to be done.

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She said: “The clamping company PCM have been able to accommodate some space which is available to site users at busy drop off times and for special school events when given notice.

“But there remains little parking space for a site with over 350 children, a day care and children’s centre, which serves North Hatfield, not just Howe Dell.

Mrs Massey said the school, children’s centre and day care management continued to look to try and implement suggestions made at an open meeting, held back in January.

“It was a shame some key organisations did not attend and no further dialogue has taken place,” she added.

“Clamping and restricted areas are too small for the size of the site and continue to cause problems; school funds have been used at times to part compensate families who have incurred costs.”

The school has opened new site entrances to help deal with the issue, as well as seeking money from the council’s Community Chest scheme to lease bikes to children.

She added: “Parents have begun car sharing and our bus service supports approximately 80 children. Congestion at school gates happens everywhere: clamping does not.

“I would value the chance to discuss this further for the benefit of all parties.”