Thousands of complaints received by University of Hertfordshire bosses, new figures reveal

University of Hertfordshire

University of Hertfordshire - Credit: Archant

THOUSANDS of complaints have been received by the University of Hertfordshire about noise, nuisance, rubbish and other gripes, new figures reveal.

Data released under the Freedom of Information Act shows the number of complaints made by members of the public to the Hatfield-based uni over a two and five year period.

They showed that from March 13, 2008 to March 13 this year there were 4,241 complaints made – of which 2,093 were made in the last two years.

The university says complaints related to noise, nuisance parking, rubbish management and condition/management of properties.

But they also include complaints from students about landlords, letting agents and neighbours.

A statement from the university read: “Throughout the academic year there are times when complaints peak.

“These relate to periods where students are moving in and celebrating end of exams.

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“At these times the uni provides funding for Operation Reprise to be seven days a week as opposed to only Friday and Saturday and also extra refuse collections to cope with students moving out at the end of tenancies.

“Additionally, in the past two years, this office organised visits by our resident reps to all known student properties at the start of term.

“They provide information on how to be a good neighbour and housing rights.”

Kieran Thorpe, whose Hatfield South constutency includes the university, said: “This is a considerable volume of complaints, and while I appreciate the work the university has done and continues to do in this regard, it feels like a never ending struggle.”

Cllr Thorpe laid the blame partially at the door of the borough council, for policies like fortnightly bin collections.

“I maintain that it hasn’t been good for some areas of Hatfield to become home to such large areas of off-campus housing.”

He added: “I know the university is investing in a lot of new on campus housing, and would expect to see a drop in the numbers of these complaints - I hope family homes can again be used to house Hatfield families.”