The Magnificent Seven at RSPCA in Potters Bar

A MANAGER of an animal centre has launched an appeal to find homes for seven previously neglected dogs.

Anna White, of RSPCA Southridge Animal Centre in South Mimms, has this week launched The Magnificent Seven.

Having been at the care home for months now, Buster, Chloe, Charlie, Nancy, Snoop, Solo and Tizer, are still in desperate need of a new home and family.

“I cannot understand why they have been overlooked,” said Anna.

“I know times have been difficult for many people, what with the recession and the worry over jobs, but all I ask is that if you are thinking of getting a dog and visiting Southridge, please don’t pass them by.

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“Come and say hello, take one for a walk, you may be pleasantly surprised,” she said.

Buster is a one-year-old Staffie who has been at the Packhorse Lane centre since September.

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“He is very appealing but can be nervous at times as he has experienced some cruelty from a previous owner,” said Anna.

Chloe, five, and Charlie, eight, are two Jack Russells who were originally found as strays, rehomed, but then returned when their owner had a baby.

Anna said: “They are adorable dogs.

“They bark at other dogs when out but they are fine in the home, although they do need a bit more housetraining.”

American bulldog cross Nancy, rescued after being kept in a cage in a tiny flat, has had an awful upbringing.

“Nancy is a true rescue dog,” said Anna.

“If you put in the time and effort you will find she is a wonderful dog.”

One-year-old Staffie Snoop was a victim of neglect.

“He would love a new home with an experienced owner who would take him to training classes,” said Anna.

Solo, a one-year-old Staffie, is tired of living alone and would like to be homed with a loving family.

Anna said: “Training classes are a must as he is very boisterous.”

Finally Tizer, an 18-month-old brindle crossbreed, never knew what it was like to run around or play with other dogs before he was taken to RSPCA Southridge.

“Tizer is a great dog who has the potential to be a wonderful dog.”

If you can offer any of The Magnificent Seven a home call RSPCA Southridge Animal Centre on 0300 123 0704.

Alternatively you can visit them at the care home open every day, except Wednesdays, from 11am until 4.15pm.

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