Thai yoga massage at Welwyn Garden City health shop

BY looking at the pictures on this page, you would imagine I have just entered some kind of weird wrestling match – and lost!

However, I am being pinned down, stretched, twisted and stood on, while wearing unusual trousers, for a very good reason, and that is purely relaxation... oh, and to become more healthy.

The therapy I tested out this week is Thai yoga massage, a new treatment to arrive at the recently-renovated treatment rooms in Natural Health, WGC.

And while it may not always look that pleasant, I can assure you it is.

Before I went for the session, Andrea White, who performs the treatment at the Wigmores North centre, reassured me I would feel on top of the world, with Thai yoga massage being known to help relieve muscle and joint pain, improve posture and flexibility, reduce stress and anxiety, while boosting energy and the immune system and creating a calm mental state and calm mind and improved concentration.

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And it most certainly ticked the majority of those boxes.

Rooted in the ancient Indian tradition of yoga, Thai yoga massage is a powerful and dynamic massage, often referred to as ‘lazy yoga’ – it felt a bit like a very relaxing yoga lesson with the effort being put on the burden of Andrea.

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The theory behind it is based on a system of invisible energy lines running through the body (disturbances or blockages in the energy lines can manifest in musculo-skeletal pain and tension, restricted mobility and disease) and Andrea worked on all these areas using a thorough, and very relaxing massage technique, as well as bending me in to several different positions.

Apparently all the different stretches are methods used in yoga and are acupressure techniques.

Andrea uses her hands, arms and feet to stimulate the flow of lines to unblock stagnant, trapped energy.

She said: “The rhythmic rocking nature of Thai massage can often induce a meditative state enhancing the body’s natural ability to balance and heal itself.”

A former office worker, Andrea told the WHT that becoming a Thai yoga massage therapist has changed her life.

“It has shown me you can change your career and do anything you want to in this world if you really want it!

“I am committed to the development of my career and therapies and continuously updating my treatments and therapeutic knowledge.”

Andrea, who is also a yoga teacher, added: “I provide a unique holistic approach to both yoga and massage ensuring therapy and exercise are integrated and complementary.

“I believe in a comfortable and nurturing environment for the physical application of ‘metta’ meaning ‘loving kindness’. I love that through Thai massage, the grounding, and self-healing properties of yoga are accessible to everyone.”

For more information visit or to book an appointment email or call 07503 657562.

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