Teen shoots The World’s End homage in Welwyn Garden City

Idris Miles and James flee from a robot outside 'The Famous Cock' aka The Cork

Idris Miles and James flee from a robot outside 'The Famous Cock' aka The Cork - Credit: Archant

BEFORE film fans flock to see Welwyn Garden City in The World’s End they can see a teenager’s take on the flick in a short homage.

The four minute clip, below, was created by James Chapman and is shot in the town, just like the ‘barmeggedan’ movie – which hit screens today (Friday).

It sees the 18-year-old, and his friends re-trace the steps of stars Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.

They bravely battle killer robots in a quest to find their car, which they lost after a boozy night out.

The Cornetto Trilogy fans also reference the first part of the Edgar Wright directed trilogy – zombie flick Shaun of the Dead – with James wielding a cricket bat to dispatch his blue-eyed foes.

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He said: ““The video pays homage to all three films in the so-called Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy, with subtle and not so subtle references scattered throughout the video.

“It’s set in Newton Haven, and exists at the same time the movie takes place.

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The student said: “It was really fun to shoot.

“You are being unusual running around town with a cricket bat and a spade and everyone thinks ‘what are they doing’, and you are having fun pretending to hit people round the head.

“Sometimes you get strange looks when you are running around and you have to blank it.”

The ‘hungover’ duo take on the famous Newton Haven pub crawl to search for the motor.

Newton Haven is a fictional new town created for the movie and is an amalgam of WGC and nearby Letchworth.

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