Taking the stress out of exam fears

WORRIED about impending exams? Fear not, says a holistic therapist from Welwyn.

IT’S that dreaded time of year for students up and down the country, as they prepare for the nerve-wracking exam period.

But an holistic therapist from Times Territory is claiming that – thanks to a new technique she’s mastered – there’s nothing to fear.

Deborah Squires, a reflexology and reiki practitioner from Welwyn, has added Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to her list of therapies, and believes the timing couldn’t be better for those about to go trough the stresses and strains of exams.

“EFT helps with clarity, planning and processing information, and also protects you from absorbing other people’s nerves in the exam room,” said Deborah.

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“It’s about getting the mind and the body to work together.”

Invented by American Gary Craig in the 1970s, EFT involves tapping accupressure points on the face, hands and upper body with your fingertips, while at the same time focusing on a problem that is causing anxiety, fear or depression.

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It has been dismissed by sceptics as a pseudo science, while believers claim the therapy gives them greater self-confidence, a sense of inner peace and has even eliminated physical pain.

“Say somebody broke an arm in a car crash. The arm might heal but there might still be pain.

“From an EFT viewpoint the pain in the arm is from where the emotional harm occurred in the crash.

“You’d go back to the accident and deal with the feelings around it – guilt, fear, anger at the other driver – the sort of emotions that are tied in with the accident.

“We all deal with the physical injury, but we never deal with the emotional damage.”

Mum-of-two Deborah, 53, said she has even managed to convert a few non-believers onto the powers of EFT.

“You need to be willing to give it a go,” said Deborah. “If you come in with an open mind, it can be amazing.”

For more information, call Deborah on 01438 840104 or 07538 178431. Alternatively click on the link above.

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