Swimming instructor fired for talking to the Welwyn Hatfield Times

A SWIMMING instructor has been sacked for speaking out to the Welwyn Hatfield Times over threatened redundancies.

Whistleblower Gary Strachan first contacted this newspaper in October, to lift the lid on potential job cuts at Hatfield Swim Centre, in a “reorganisation” of its teams.

Employees were made to reapply for their jobs and work exclusively for Finesse Leisure, which runs the pool.

At the time Mr Strachan said: “I’m gutted because I love working with children.”

As a result of our exclusive report on October 27, Mr Strachan, of Corners, WGC, was hauled before bosses at Finesse Leisure and suspended.

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Then, on November 20, the 53-year-old, who had also revealed that the Platypus Club for the Handicapped might lose exclusive access to the pool on Sunday mornings, was dismissed.

He said: “I got fired and my solicitor is on the case.”

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Mr Strachan said his employers quizzed him on whether the Welwyn Hatfield Times paid him for his story, which we didn’t, and were “pretty harsh” towards him.

He added: “I’m unhappy I’ve been fired, I’ve never been fired in my life.

“I think they’ve been a bit harsh on me.

“So they’ve just saved themselves a thousand pounds on redundancy – but it’s going to cost them even more now.”

Stuart Trower, director of operations at Finesse Leisure, said he was unable to comment on Mr Strachan’s case because it was “subject to personnel procedures” which, he said were “personal”.

Asked in general terms whether Finesse would sack workers for talking to the press, Mr Trower said: “No comment.

“Don’t ask me any more questions because you are leading me down a road that I’m not going to answer any questions.”

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