Herts Pride 2020: Welwyn Hatfield councillor offers support to the LGBT+ community

Welwyn Hatfield borough councillor Lucy Musk. Picture: Supplied by Cllr Musk

Welwyn Hatfield borough councillor Lucy Musk. Picture: Supplied by Cllr Musk - Credit: Archant

In the week that our LGBT+ community would have celebrated Herts Pride, a borough councillor representing Welwyn Garden City is reaching out to the lesbian, gay, queer and transgender community and others.

Many LGBT+ people have had a very negative experience during the lockdown and pandemic, with a recent study by University College London (UCL) and Sussex University finding that 69 per cent of respondents suffered depressive symptoms as a result.

And so to celebrate this community, The Welwyn Hatfield Times has given a voice to those such as Cllr Lucy Musk who want to reach out to those struggling.

Cllr Musk said: “Today, now, this year, there are many people alone. Lockdown has taken away and yet given a sense of community. We have seen people come together and try to erase racism and Welwyn Hatfield has shown this beautifully.

“But today, I want to reach out to the LGBTQ + community.

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“Our usual protest and party isn’t here this year, this year would have been my second as openly bisexual.

“When you don’t quite fit, you find yourself questioning, being questioned more by others and sometimes fetishised. I have seen my transgender brothers and sisters fighting this battle more than anyone. Now they are losing when they were promised the right to be who they are.

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“Last year I sat on a bench and came out as bisexual, to one of my dearest friends, he knew I was queer. Then I found the strength to tell others including family, their response was ‘so what, it doesn’t matter’

“I know that this is an enviable position, but there is support. Welwyn Hatfield councillors are committed to equality across race, religion, gender and sexuality. Never be afraid to be you, because we are you.

“I would rather listen than speak because that’s what is important, but please take this with you:

Pride is different this year.

Pride is protest and party with a tear.

Pride is locked down this year.

Pride is a shout on social media we are here.

Pride will be on bent knee this year.

Pride will continue we know the fear.

Pride will be more inclusive this year.

Pride is for all gay, lesbian, bi, trans or queer.

Pride needs allies more this year.

Pride needs the voices raised for all you hold dear.”

Lucy Musk is a Labour councillor representing Haldens ward in Welwyn Garden City.

Herts Pride, which was set for Saturday, will go ahead in August 2021.

For more on the festival please go here hertfordshirepridesociety.co.uk.

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