Subsidence-causing Hatfield tree for the chop

A TREE, which is causing homes to subside, will be felled later this month.

The county council received a report from experts warning an adjacent home was “being structurally damaged by the root network of the tree and that subsidence was evident inside the house”.

The oak, in Briars Lane, Hatfield, is on land that forms part of the public highway, so Hertfordshire Highways is responsible for its management.

Cllr Stuart Pile said: “In order to prevent this property suffering more extensive subsidence damage, and to prevent similar problems occurring to neighbouring properties, it was recommended to us we take action now.

“This has been a very difficult decision to make, as this is a beautiful old tree and a well-known feature on Briars Lane, but there are serious implications for properties in this area if we do not remove the tree.”

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Work should next week.

Shortly after, a second contractor will arrive to repair the verge area.

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A council spokesman said: “We have been advised that it would be unwise to plant another tree in exactly the same position but we do intend to plant a replacement tree, of a more suitable species, within close proximity.”

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