‘I want to inspire people’ - fundraiser set for sky dive in memory of mother

Stephanie Beswick

Stephanie Beswick is jumping in memory of her mother. - Credit: Supplied by Stephanie Beswick

A Panshanger woman is hoping her charity sky dive can raise £10,000 for Mind and increase mental health awareness in memory of her late mother. 

Stephanie Beswick will jump at Sibson Airfield near Peterborough on May 22 to honour her mum, who took her own life nearly a decade ago. 

“My mum took her own life about nine years ago now, so I’m jumping on her birthday with my brother – who also suffered from mental health problems after my mum’s death,” she told the WHT.

“I want to encourage people to speak out because my mum didn’t and I think that if she had, we’d be in a very different situation now, so that has really inspired me.” 

Stephanie Beswick

Stephanie is jumping with her brother next month. - Credit: Supplied by Stephanie Beswick

Stephanie is also hoping her efforts will help people open about their issues, continuing: “I have a history of suffering with mental health problems and having spoken to lots of people about my story, I have had more and more people come and talk to me about theirs. 

“I thought if I can do something positive to get people to reach out and raise awareness then I feel like something positive can come out of a bad situation.  

“Suicide rates are at an all-time high and there is a bit of a mental health crisis at the moment. The services are struggling to keep up with the demand so I just want to inspire people and raise some money to help.” 

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Stephanie will face her own fear of heights when she jumps next month, but she hopes the challenge will help her overcome her phobia. 

“I’m terrified of heights and I have generalised anxiety disorder, so a sky dive is not exactly at the top of the list of things I want to do. It’s going to put me out of my comfort zone completely,” she said. 

“Most of the treatments for anxiety are around exposure, for example someone with a phobia would be exposed to what makes them anxious so they can try and sit with their discomfort. So that’s the idea behind doing a sky dive.” 

Stephanie has already raised more than £1,600 for Mind, but she is hoping to hit £10,000.

“I have used Mind myself and so has my brother-in-law, so I just thought it would be good to support a charity who have supported me,” she added. 

To donate to Stephanie’s sky dive, visit www.justgiving.com/fundraising/jumpinmemoryofmymum

To speak to MIND or make a donation visit www.mind.org.uk

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