Potters Bar RSPCA looking for new homes for farm animals

Gary and Gertie the goats.

Gary and Gertie the goats. - Credit: RSPCA

Down on the farm in Potters Bar there are a host of friendly animals in search of a forever home.

The RSPCA has seen a rise in the number of farm animals coming into its care in recent months and with only limited facilities to care for farm animals, the charity is urging those who can provide a home for a pig, goat, chicken or cockerel to consider adopting.

Peppa and Penelope the pigs.

Peppa and Penelope the pigs. - Credit: RSPCA

Peppa Pig came into the care of the RSPCA as part of a litter of piglets. She is now seven years old and is looking for a home with her mum Penelope, who only has one ear due to being picked on in her previous home.

Penelope is now hoping for a second chance in a home where she can live her life as a companion pet pig. She lives quite happily with her now grown-up babies, so being homed with Peppa is essential to ensure she has companionship for the remainder of her life. 

These are friendly pigs who need a large enclosure with a snug pig hut for comfort where they can spend their days playing in the mud and looking for morsels to eat.

Gary and Gertie are a pair of Boer goats who are looking for a home together. They are very friendly and described as a delight to be around. Gary is playful and Gertie is a very gentle goat.

Goats need plenty of space to live in and explore - they are natural foragers, not grazers like sheep so they thrive best with trees and bushes. Grass only plays a minimal part of their diet and they have very different needs to sheep - a common misconception.

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They are naturally very inquisitive and love climbing and investigating so will need a secure enclosure with fencing that they can look over. They would like a dry and comfortable goat hut to shelter them from wet and warm weather and an area of hard standing in case of muddy ground.

Their feet will need to be regularly trimmed and their vaccinations and worming treatment kept up-to-date. To keep goats, your premises need to be registered and you need to be in possession of a CPH holding number - the centre can provide more information.

Blanche and co.

Blanche and co. - Credit: RSPCA

Chickens Blanche, Hilda and boyfriend Edwin are all young and have recently been introduced to each other, and are looking to stay together as a trio in their new home.

The malay is one of the larger breeds of chicken. They are quite active and enjoy a spacious enclosure and do not cope well with confinement. They will spend most of their day foraging from dawn until dusk if given the chance!

They are not known to be good fliers but these are quite athletic. For that reason, the area will need to be very secure to allow them to free range. 

This little trio could be introduced to an established group of decent sized hens, but the malay cockerel cannot be around other males.

If you think you can offer and of these animals a home, contact RSPCA Southridge Animal Centre in Potters Bar, Hertfordshire, on southridge@rspca.org.uk.