So close to death after motorway accident....

A “MIRACLE” dog that was struck by a car and went missing for more than a week was saved by surgeons at the Royal Veterinary College in Brookmans Park.

Barley, a whippet, was struck by a vehicle on the A1(M) after running away from his owner’s mother-in-law in Colney Heath.

His master, Drew Wilson, had been in Germany for a wedding when Barley escaped, but following his return to the UK, he launched a tireless hunt for his beloved pet.

Drew, his wife Karin and son Jack distributed dozens of leaflets and posters in the area.

And their efforts paid off when a girl contacted them after spotting the injured pooch near junction three of the A1(M).

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A frantic Drew searched the area and eventually, at around 1am, his persistence was rewarded when a bedraggled-looking Barley limped towards him.

Drew, 44, said: “I picked him up and carried him for about a mile to my mum’s house.

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“He was skeletal and his leg was hanging off.

“My wife then came and we drove him to the RVC.

“He was so close to death he didn’t even whimper.”

Surgeons were able to save Barley but they could not save his right hind leg.

However Drew, who lives at Luton Hoo, said his pet was as good as new and ran almost as fast with three legs as he did before.

Drew said: “The vets told me it was an old wound which was infected so he must have been hit almost straightaway.

“It was a miracle he had been through so much and lost so much weight, but still he came through it.”

Drew added: “It just shows you should never give up.

“It was also wonderful to experience the kindness of strangers who couldn’t do enough to help.

“It restores your faith in human nature.”

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