Second UFO spotted over Welwyn

PUBLISHED: 13:53 11 January 2010 | UPDATED: 13:53 11 January 2010




DETAILS have emerged of a second UFO sighting over Welwyn in the space of just a fortnight.

A witness, known only as James, spotted the strange object in the skies above the village at about 9.55pm on January 6.

In a report submitted to a paranormal website he wrote: “Whilst waitng (sic) for someone standing pretty much outside my front door, I saw an incredibly large and fast flying object, flying straight in the sky.

“The speed it was travelling was amazing.

“It was like a very big low flying plane, with no sound whatsoever.

“However, theres (sic) no mistaking this for a plane, it was simply too huge and silent, had no lights at all.

“I’m actually surprised I saw it.”

He added: “It was like a grey outline, shaped like a roof from a childs (sic). drawing, except with grooves in the bottom – not the greatest description, I know, but the shape was pretty basic.”

The sighting came just days after Christian Joseph clocked a UFO over Lockleys Farm on Christmas Day, see links, right.

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