Sainsbury’s is ‘committed to building new Welwyn Garden City store’

AMID growing concerns over the lack of news about a major supermarket redeveloping, bosses have spoken to reassure residents.

Sainsbury’s store in WGC town centre is set to be demolished and replaced by a superstore triple its size.

But news on the development has gone quiet, and many are complaining over the state of that side of town as chain stores pull out.

Project manager Paul Taylor said: “Sainsbury’s is committed to building a new store in WGC centre to improve the shopping experience for customers and help rejuvenate the city’s retail heart.

“The new store will be larger, with a wider range of Sainsbury’s products, wider aisles and an improved customer experience.

“In addition, a new car park will provide new spaces for the use of anyone visiting the town centre.

“The plans to re-develop the existing store in the town centre received planning consent last year, with full support from a wide cross-section of the community.”

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But with empty shops and a barren landscape, community leaders are concerned how long this can be maintained.

Welwyn Hatfield Times editor Terry Mitchinson said: “The sooner this project starts the better for all concerned.

“That part of the town is looking in a very sorry state and the redevelopment is desperately needed to bring vitality back.

“The Welwyn Hatfield Times has been pushing for news for many weeks now and we are glad things appear to be on track, though it is frustrating there is no official start date.

“As soon as there is the Welwyn Hatfield Times will be first with the news.”

Mr Taylor added: “The project is complex and requires detailed planning and preparation ahead of any work commencing on site.

“At present Sainsbury’s is working hard to finalise the various measures that will enable the works programme to begin.

“A priority will be to ensure that residents, customers and businesses are fully updated on the plans as they develop and Sainsbury’s is committed to maintaining the good relationships that were forged during the planning process.

“The commitment to a new store and the regeneration of this part of the city centre is guaranteed.”

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