RSPCA fundraiser banned by council red tape

A CHARITY dance set to raise cash to save the lives of dying puppies was cancelled – due to bureaucratic red tape.

Staff at RSPCA Southridge had been getting ready to stage a fundraising night on Saturday to help pay for expensive treatment for three young German Shepherd dogs, who have parvo disease.

But killjoys at Hertsmere Borough Council BANNED the Wrinkly Rockers’ Roadshow, as the animal home had not applied for a special licence in time.

Manager Anna White said a council officer came to the centre in Packhorse Lane, South Mimms, and told staff the event could not go ahead because there was no temporary event notice in place.

Applications for these licences must be made no later than 10 working days before events take place.

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Mrs White said: “I begged him to let us backdate it as we were only three days out but no, he was adamant.

“We are a charity, we’re not trying to make money for anything other than saving the lives of these three puppies.

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“It’s very sad, very jobsworth.”

Four puppies had originally come into Southridge’s care suffering with the viral disease.

One has since died, and the other three need intensive treatment, potentially including blood transfusions, to stand a chance of survival.

Terry Pavey, of the Friends of RSPCA Southridge group, said: “The whole thing is barmy, absolutely barmy.

“We didn’t apply for the licence because no-one knew we had to.

“We’re only a small outfit trying to raise money for animals.”

A council spokeswoman confirmed temporary event notice applications had to be made at least 10 working days before.

She said: “We would have needed it by March 31.

“There’s nothing we can do and there’s no flexibility within the law for us to do anything about it.

“We understand it’s disappointing and we’re very sorry and sympathetic to what they’re trying to do, but we have to operate within the law.”

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