Rates revaluation offers mixed fortunes for Welwyn Hatfield pubs

Landlord of The Wrestlers Patrick Monaghan.

Landlord of The Wrestlers Patrick Monaghan. - Credit: Archant

The national revaluation that will hit businesses in April will produce winners as well as losers for Welwyn Hatfield pubs.

Both Peter Rawlins of The Candlestick, Essendon and Adam Richardson of The White Horse, Welwyn have calculated from the Valuation Office Agency website that their local rivals will get substantial bill reductions in contrast to their own sharp increases.

Pat Monaghan, leaseholder of The Wrestlers, Hatfield, said: “I think it has gone down.

“The rateable value was £26,000. It looks as if it has gone down to about £18,000. But it (trade) is still really tight. I just about manage to pay everybody.”

Darshan Patel, leaseholder of The Peartree in Welwyn Garden City, said: “I was expecting a rise of about £10,000 in the rateable value, which would mean about £4,000 a year extra to pay. But as far as I can tell from the Valuation Office website, it is staying the same, which is a big relief, although I have not had that in writing yet.

“It is still too high for the trade that there is. It is a hard trade to be in.”

The manager of The Waggoners in Ayot Green said: “As far as we are aware, our tax will be remaining the same. It’s still too high but we just go along with it and pay.”

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According to chamber of commerce chairman Nick Brown, who has access to official Valuation Office data, the average net increase in the rateable value of all licensed Welwyn Hatfield premises is £1,943.

He said: “If you would like to have a chat with the chamber’s expert witness on ratings appeals, go to www.welhatchamber.co.uk and fill in the form on the home page.

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