Rail users react to news of rail strikes across Hertfordshire

COMMUTER groups have given their reaction to the news of impending rail strikes across Times Territory. As revealed on www.whtimes24.co.uk last week, members of

COMMUTER groups have given their reaction to the news of impending rail strikes. Adam Edwards, for the Hatfield Association of Rail Travellers, described the news as “disappointing”.

“The RMT have got a dispute with the management of FCC, not with us as passengers,” he said.

“Going on strike and making us suffer – all that does is annoy commuters and the travelling public.”

He added: “If FCC have got to get rid of people to make ends meet the strike isn’t going to change what happens.”

Stephen McPartland, for the Stevenage and Knebworth Rail Users Group, said the dispute between the RMT and FCC could have catastrophic effects on the railway network.

He said: “It [any strike] is going to completely inconvenience those who pay for the service.

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“It is very sad that because the dialogue between these two organisations has broken down innocent passengers are going to suffer.”

Julia Guerra, co-ordinator for the Welham Green Rail Users Group, said “It is going to be an inconvenience but, on the other hand, I do understand that they [the RMT] want to get their point across.

“A one-off strike to make a point, there would probably be some sympathy for that.”

But she stressed: “Something that is ongoing and long-lasting will lose any sympathy that is there.”

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