Hatfield’s Queensway lift up and running after eight months

Queensway House. Picture: Charlotte McLaughlin

Queensway House. Picture: Charlotte McLaughlin - Credit: Archant

A Hatfield high-rise’s lift is now up and running after eight months.

Queensway high rise, which is owned and run by Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council, now has an operational lift since it stopped working properly in November and was offically taken out of service on 20 December.

The council originally promised to have the lift working by June 20 - which was 19 days ago - but have had some issues with getting it working.

Further testing took place at the weekend, and now residents can use the lift, a WHBC spokeswoman has said.

But the spokeswoman said there will be some prevention on using the lift during the day as works on the shaft are finished.

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"We are very sorry for the delay in getting it up and running again," she said.

Similarly, resident Bill Bailey, who has now waited 39 days for his boiler to be fixed, will be waiting a little while longer for hot water and heating.

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"We've received the quotes for the alternative heating and hot water systems we're putting in place and will be in touch with Mr Bailey to schedule the works," WHBC said.

"He has been offered the opportunity to move should he wish to do so."

READ MORE: Queensway residents given option to move out after doors fail fire standardsAll the residents of Queensway House were given the option to move out two weeks ago, after the tower block's doors were deemed to not meet fire safety standards.

WHBC started fire warden patrols the same day to ensure safety.

Mr Bailey, however, he would be staying put in Queensway.

He said: "I'm 53 and I don't want to start moving out now."

Luke Aiken, who recently moved out of Queensway, has said his new council home also has issues.

The new home's kitchen counter top is causing hot food to be knocked over often, and Mr Aiken said "every time I have a shower the water wants to run out in the hallway".

WHBC has responded to these claims by saying "Mr Aiken's kitchen has a standard layout, including where the worktop is positioned.

"We could not move it without removing the kitchen wall cupboards and Mr Aiken would lose storage space.

"The work to the wet room is logged with our repairs team."

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