Pregnant woman jailed for more than two years for killing cyclist

Paige Blake

Paige Blake was sentenced to more than two years in prison this morning - Credit: Herts police

A pregnant woman was sentenced to 30 months in jail for killing a cyclist in Hatfield last year due to dangerous driving.

Paige Blake, 24, pleaded guilty at St Albans Crown Court this morning to causing death by dangerous driving.

Paige was talking on her phone to her sister at the time of the incident, which took place on the the A414 near Hatfield House on April 20, 2020.

Freddie Oborne died in a crash on the A414 near Hatfield House. Picture: Herts Police

Freddie Oborne died in a crash on the A414 near Hatfield House - Credit: Herts Police

Freddie Oborne was the man who was sadly killed.

The 80-year-old was a keen triathlete who enjoyed cycling around Hertfordshire and was a much-loved dad, grandad and great grandad.

Freddie's daughter Caroline Oborne spoke to this paper about her thoughts on the sentencing and the challenging past year she and her family has been through.

"It's never going to bring my dad back," said Caroline. "Whether it had been two months, five years or 10 years. It will never bring my dad back, but at least I hope people will reflect when they pick up their mobile phone, or Facetime while driving at a speed.

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"Don't do it, Don't do it because this is what happens.

"Too many people get killed on bikes at the moment by people being reckless."

Caroline explained how she believes Paige's actions last April 'wrecked' her family.

Caroline and her sister now both suffer from post traumatic stress disorder after they had to identify their father's body - whose death certificate lists 'near total decapitation'.

She described what happened to her dad's body as 'just unbelievable', but wanted to share the details so that people would think twice before using their phone while driving.

Caroline explained how she felt the judge was very fair, and that she was not concerned with the length of the sentence but that Paige would show more remorse or send an apology to the family.

She said: "It wasn't about the amount of time for us [her family], it was about that she understood about loss, loss of freedom, loss of family.

"For me, she's going to learn about loss now."

With the anniversary of her father's death this coming Tuesday, Caroline acknowledged that she has a long road to walk before she can find some closure and acceptance.