Potters Bar piglets in need of a new sty

EVEN though he was castrated, Prince still managed to father a litter of pigs!

Staff at RSPCA Southridge Animal Centre, in South Mimms, were shocked to see Prince’s other half Charlotte give birth to nine piglets in March last year.

The surprise birth of the litter led to an urgent appeal to find the pigs suitable homes.

Now, with the re-homing of three of the piglets, and the death of Charlotte and two of her young, two-year old Prince and his remaining four offspring are in desperate need of a new home.

Anna White, manager of the Packhorse Lane centre, told the Potters Bar Edition: “The cost to the charity of keeping Prince and his piglets is around �500 per month, so the RSPCA is sending out an urgent appeal for anyone who would like to re-home him, or his children.”

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She continued: “They are wonderful animals and have really opened our eyes as to how sociable and clever pigs really are.

“Mum and dad raised the piglets, played with them, reprimanded them and cared for them.

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“They worked as a true partnership.”

Anna added: “While these animals could make wonderful pets, prospective owners must have the correct facilities for them.

“They need lots of space, a warm and dry pig house and plenty of toys and food.”

Owning and caring for a pig requires commitment, time, skill, money, sufficient land on which to house the animals, specialist veterin-ary care and compliance with the legislation governing keeping a pig.

As the pigs are “sociable creatures” they must be re-homed with at least one other pig.

If you can offer any of the pigs a home, call RSPCA Southridge Animal Centre on 0300 123 0704.

Alternatively you can visit them at the care home open every day, except Wednesdays, from 11am until 4.15pm.

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