Meet Potters Bar Town FC’s supporters group from Norway

GØMK have become sponsors of the team.

GØMK have become sponsors of the team. - Credit: supplied

Potters Bar Town FC have an official supporters club - from Norway.

Potters Bar Town FC had an average attendance of 210 last season

Potters Bar Town FC had an average attendance of 210 last season - Credit: supplied

The Scandanavian supporters club is called GØMK, and is a local beer club based in Rolvsøy, a village an hour away from Oslo.

The Facebook group: 'Potters Bar Town F.C. Norwegian Supporter Club' boasts over 30 fans, having only been created in May.

The founder of the Facebook page Marius Raae said: "It all started with a friend group that wanted to do something together on a regular basis. So we started a beer club called GØMK - which means boys beer food club.

"At the last meeting some of us had the idea of having a team or club to support, and maybe helping with some small donations as sponsors.

The fans would be in for quite a trip if they chose to drive.

The fans would be in for quite a trip if they chose to drive. - Credit: supplied

"Two guys were tasked with finding a club, Jørgen Fog and Svein Rostad. They had to find a club that we can travel to easily, isn't that known in Norway and not one that could interfere with teams we individually were supporters of."

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Marius added: "It did not take that long before Fog found Potters Bar Town FC. The first thing that we said was - they had us at Bar."

The supporters group have also become sponsors of the Bostik Premier League side.

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"We have just ordered around 20 to 25 Potters-jerseys from commercial manager Jeff Barnes at Potters Bar Town FC and are now signing a sponsorship deal.

"Now the job of booking and planning the trip over to England begins. We are waiting for the fixtures to come out, and then the booking will begin. The trip will take place in November I think.

"The plan for the future is to support the club and have a home in Potters Bar.

"Jeff Barnes has been a great sport and helped us, so we hope that we can make something fun and long lasting happen."

Potters Bar Town FC was founded in 1960 and play at the Pakex Stadium - home of the 'Scholars'. Last season the team finished 16th, with average attendance being 210, and the largest ever crowd of 504.

The Norweigian fans would have a 20 hour-long drive or a two-hour flight to make it to Potters Bar, but they still plan to make an annual trip.

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