Potters Bar councillors helping some grand projects

COUNTY councillors in Potters Bar have been busy splashing the cash to charities and good causes.

Each of the 77 members of Hertfordshire County Council have a �10,000 locality budget to spend on community projects each year.

In the Potters Bar area of Times Territory the following grants have been awarded in the past few weeks:

John Usher (Potters Bar West & Shenley): �995 to Wroxham School to help create an outdoor timeline, which will illustrate key events in history from Roman times to the present.

The grants will help to pay for art workshops and history immersion experiences.

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Cllr Usher said: “This project is a great way of engaging children in a creative and shared activity which will help them to develop an understanding of history and a sense of the timescales involved.

“It’s an activity that will be educational and community focused and I’m pleased to help out with the some of the costs involved.”

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Eddie Roach (Potters Bar East): �1,000 to pay for camping equipment for the Potters Bar Fire Cadets, to be used in a national competition.

Cllr Roach said: “The youngsters who are not afraid to volunteer for disciplined training will learn a lot, as well as engage in a character building exercise.

“The cadets will have fun while under training, obtain knowledge which one day may save lives and an understanding of what a firefighter’s work is like.

“There can be no better role model for the cadets to follow.

“It may encourage some to consider a career in a very important and worthwhile occupation.”

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