Posters in Welwyn Garden City slam Gordon Brown over “bigot” gaffe

POSTERS branding Prime Minister Gordon Brown a “loser” have cropped up in WGC – a day after the Labour leader was overheard calling a pensioner a “bigoted woman”.

Several flyers with a picture of the embattled PM and the word LOSER above and below it, have been plastered on roundabouts, electrical boxes and traffic bollards in Howlands, following Mr Brown’s disastrous PR gaffe in Rochdale yesterday (Wednesday) when he called life-long Labour voter Gillian Duffy “bigoted” as he left in his car.

Mr Brown had been speaking to the 65-year-old widower about the country’s immigration problem, and as he climbed into the ministerial car, he told Mrs Duffy it was “nice to see you”.

But the PM forgot to turn off a microphone attached to his lapel, and was recorded saying privately that the meeting was “a disaster” and that he should never have been put with “that bigoted woman”.

The posters in Howlands depict the moment Mr Brown heard his comments for the first time, as they were played to him during Jeremy Vine’s BBC Radio Two show.

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