Police warning to Potters Bar residents after spate of burglaries in Hertsmere


Police - Credit: Archant

Police are urging Potters Bar residents to keep their front doors locked after a spate of burglaries across the borough this summer.

Hertfordshire Constabulary has responded to an increased level of incidents in recent weeks in Hertsmere, claiming all break-ins have been attempted on properties where doors or windows have been left open.

A total of 19 burglaries or attempted break-ins were recorded, and although most have been in Borehamwood, other towns across Hertsmere have also been targeted.

Detective Sergeant Gemma Badat, from the Hertsmere Local Crime Unit which is investigating the burglaries, said: “Understandably during warmer weather, people want to keep their homes cool by leaving windows open at night.

“But for opportunist criminals, open or insecure doors and windows are an invitation to access to your home and your valuables.

“We have stepped up the number of patrols in the area as a result of these incidents, however I would urge residents to do all they can to prevent would-be burglars targeting your home.

“Double-locking uPVC doors, using the key rather than just lifting the handle, is the only way to secure it properly from someone seeking access to your house.

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“While closing your ground floor windows at night and all your windows when you are going out is a must as well.”

* For further crime prevention advice, visit the Herts Police website at www.herts.police.uk