Police target fly-tippers in Welwyn Hatfield

FLY-TIPPING is a blight on England’s beautiful countryside. But in Welwyn Hatfield, this is an activity that will NOT be tolerated. Here, reporter Chris Richards spent a morning out on patrol with the police as officers launched their latest purge on fly-tippers.

I HAVE always appreciated the beauty of the English countryside.

Yet sadly there are others who live among us who do not respect the natural world around them.

These people are called fly-tippers and, for reasons known only to them, they believe it is acceptable to spoil the countryside by dumping their unwanted rubbish in streams, hedgerows and lay-bys.

Thankfully, Herts police are not prepared to stand by and see this continue.

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And on Thursday, I joined officers as they went out and about in the rural areas of Welwyn Hatfield to try and catch fly-tippers in the act.

I accompanied Pcsos Mark Randall, Louise Luxford and Sam Griffin to Kentish Lane, in Bell Bar, where they used automatic numberplate recognition (ANPR) technology to try and snare would-be offenders.

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They all share my view that fly-tipping is a repugnant crime.

Pcso Luxford described it as a “big problem” in Welwyn Hatfield.

“It attracts vermin,” she said.

“Some of the stuff that they are dumping is toxic as well.

“It is an inconvenience and it isn’t fair on the wildlife either.”

Pcso Griffin added: “It costs a lot of money to clear it up.”

After spending an hour or so observing passing vehicles, the operation moved on to Dixons Hill Road in Welham Green, Blue Bridge Road in Brookmans Park and Northaw Road East in Northaw.

At the same time, a team of officers circled Welwyn Hatfield seeking out any existing dumps and erecting signs to warn fly-tippers off.

If convicted, offenders can be fined up to �50,000.

To report fly-tipping call the police on 0845 33 00 222 or for more information visit www.herts.police.uk/flytipping

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