Police issue warning ahead of Sonisphere Festival at Knebworth

POLICE are issuing advice to those attending the Sonisphere Festival this weekend, to help them to avoid becoming victims of crime.

Last summer’s inaugural Sonisphere event at Knebworth House ran smoothly and there were less than 40 arrests over the weekend, with no violent or serious crime reported.

Afterwards Sonisphere director Stuart Galbraith described the relaxed festival vibe around the Knebworth site as the “best atmosphere I’ve experienced in 25 years of putting on rock festivals”.

Herts police want a repeat performance this weekend.

Superintendent Simon Hawkins said: “We had some excellent feedback from those who came to the festival last year and we’re looking forward to being involved in the event this year.

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“We know most people coming to the festival are there to have a good time, enjoy the music and what the site has to offer, and the community feel of last year’s festival will be seen again this year.”

However, following serious incidents at both Scotland’s T in the Park, where a festival-goer was stabbed, and Latitude in Suffolk, where there were two alleged rapes, police are reinforcing their message to take care.

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“Although there were not that many crimes last year, not everyone will be attending to have a good time and enjoy the music,” said Supt Hawkins.

“Sadly we do know some people target these types of events to commit crime, like taking people’s wallets, purses and phones from pockets and bags and items from tents.

“Don’t let thieves ruin what is set to be a great weekend.”

Crime prevention advice from Herts police includes:

* Where possible, do not leave any valuables in your vehicle.

* If you do have to leave items in your vehicle, make sure they are hidden before you arrive, in case anyone is watching.

* Open your glove compartment to show there is nothing of value inside.

* If you have a sat nav, move it out of sight and remove all suction marks from the windscreen.

* During the day use lockers provided on site to store your valuables. These also have phone chargers in. For more information visit the information section of Sonisphere’s website (see link above).

* Postcode your property – if it is stolen or lost and recovered it can be returned to you. Property marking is taking place in the car park, so visit officers to find out more.

* Leave your tent untidy – don’t make it easy for thieves to grab a bag with everything in it

* At night secure your valuables in a bag at the bottom of your sleeping bag.

* If you’ve lost or found property, visit the welfare tents to drop off items you’ve found or to ask if anything has been handed in. Welfare is open until 10am on Monday. After the event call 0207 399 7070.

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