Pilates reshaped by Welwyn Garden City professional

PILATES has been reformed by a specialist instructor from WGC who is hoping to help residents attack their thighs, tums and bums after the over-indulgent festive period.

Linda Donovan has created her own form of the physical fitness system renaming her new pay-as-you-go classes, which started on Monday, Pilates Body Conditioning.

Linda, who has been teaching Pilates for 15 years, said the aim of the new course was to make it more accessible to a wider range of people.

She said: “Many people are convinced Pilates would do them good, but are put off by the idea it’s so sophisticated, you need complex equipment to benefit and by the high cost of studio classes.

“Yet Pilates principles and exercises were designed to be simple and need not cost a lot to do.”

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She said of her new system: “It’s a careful balance of core Pilates exercises designed to focus on thighs, tums and bums.

“If you want to tone up, be strong and stay independent with Pilates you should try this class,” added the former professional dancer, who has male and female clients aged between 18 and 90.

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“It’s my own fusion of things I have learnt and used during my 15-year career as a professional dancer.

“All the same Pilates principles apply, using the core throughout, breathing properly and so on, but for my new class I’ve selected Pilates exercises and modified some to make it more about whole-body strength and flexibility than you’d expect from a typical traditional Pilates class.”

The �5 classes are being held every Monday at 1.30pm at the Friends Meeting House, Handside Lane and at the Vineyard Barn, The Vineyard, on Fridays at 11.45am.

For more information call Linda on 07929 907743 or visit www.lindadonovan.co.uk

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