Pigeons must fly the nest in Hatfield Town Centre

PUBLISHED: 17:31 16 November 2016 | UPDATED: 17:31 16 November 2016




The pigeons in Hatfield Town Centre are getting out of control, and the council is asking residents to stop feeding them.

A letter is being sent to those that live and work in the town centre asking people not to feed the pigeons, to dispose of their waste responsibly in bin stores and to tightly secure refuse bags.

This action follows a series of successful measures implemented by the council to control the pigeon population, including the installation of pigeon spikes on windows and guttering and ensuring loft and plant rooms are secure.

Councillor Bernard Sarson, executive member for business, partnerships and public health said: “Pigeons are unwanted visitors to the town centre as they can carry disease and the mess they cause costs everyone a lot of money to clean up.

“Controlling their food supply is one way to help tackle the problem.

“We really hope residents, businesses and landlords understand how important their help is in tackling this issue consistently across the town centre. The advice provided, particularly around littering and waste management, will also help deter rats and other vermin.”

Separate letters have been sent to Hatfield town centre residents, businesses and landlords.

For more information about the council’s subsidised pest control services, please visit: http://www.welhat.gov.uk/pestcontrol.

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